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Re: questions

"Bob Schmidt" <pastorbob@centurytel.net> writes:

> Are there any issues I should be aware of before I start (I get my
> 433au on Monday).  Also, (dumb question) what kind of modems will
> work in these machines?  The only pci modems I have are winmodems, I
> got them to work in linux on my pc, but will they work in a 433au.

No idea, never used one of those.

> I also have a 56k ISA modem, I'm assuming that won't work because it
> is not pci.

That's not certain, some Alphas have ISA slots, and Linux can use
them, for example I'm using an ISA sound card in my SX164.

> I also got ahold of a Digital AS 4000 with dual 400mhz processors
> and 512mb of ram.  I put WniNT on that, but have been thinking of
> perhaps putting linux on that as well.  It is a little overkill for
> my home server, but I'm having fun.  I got it for a steal (under
> $100) and it works perfectly, and is in good shape.  Will debian
> work on that?

It should. The default kernel will use only one processor, though, you
need to install the appropriate kernel package, or compile your own


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