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Framebuffer and/or X-Terminal advice for Multia

Hi, list,

since I was trying out different kinds of Browsers on my Multia
(thanks to you all again), I came to the conclusion, that I might
push the whole story a little farther and decided to set it up as
a diskless X-Terminal. I was fooling around with it a bit but didn't
come very far (yet). Now my question: is there anywhere a Howto
for setting up a Multia (or any other Alpha, for that matter) as
an X-Terminal for Debian 3.0? I know that there is quite a lot
for peecees, but I wasn't all too successful in adapting those
to match my needs :-(. Right now I am able to boot the kernel
via DHCP but then it mounts the local disk as the root-fs and
reboots when runlevel 3 is reached. That's quite... uhm...
suboptimal if you ask me. So how can I convince that little box
to get its root-fs over the net?
The other thing I was wondering: is it possible to set the
TGA-framebuffer resolution?

Many thanks in advance,


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