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Re: ccc

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

Package: ccc

Joakim Roubert wrote:


What exactly do the ccc-debian wrappers do?
I downloaded ccc-, and wanted to install it; the ccc debian
package wants some older version, though... I tried to trick it by
renaming the file, but somehow that didn't work.

Well, I tried to install the rpm:s directly, but that was apparently not
the best thing to do...

Does anybody have an idea how I best install ccc here?

D'oh, another outdated installer .deb...  Sorry about that.

Hmm, just went to the download site, and the version of C available is, which is what the (unstable/sarge) .deb has supported since last October... Seems you have an out-of-date .rpm.

I'm not certain the sarge .deb works on woody though. Would you be interested in testing it?


-Adam P.

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