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Re: AIW Radeon+LX164--compatible?

The radeon AIW pci (classic, not the value all in wonder) works perfectly in 
my LX.  It is running right now.  The gatos project (http://gatos.sf.net) has 
working TV in for x86, but as of yet no working driver for alpha (that I ahve 
found).  They are welcoming any alpha people to help them.

If this is the Radeon ("classic") all in wonder, the 32 bit pci variety, also 
known as the radeon7200 (i think that is what Mike said) it works and has DRM 

The TV-in is just a matter of debugging the current gatos drivers to work on 
alpha.  If you need help i can poke inside my box for model numbers or find 
my docs.  Let me know.
(It doesn't seem like my messages are getting to the lists, so please let me 
know if you get this)


On Wednesday 12 March 2003 12:15 pm, Kelledin wrote:
> For reference, here are some images of the parts I'm looking at
> (these are two identical parts, both bearing the part
> #1027670100):
> http://skarpsey.dyndns.org/radeon1.jpg
> http://skarpsey.dyndns.org/radeon2.jpg
> The way it looks now, I might get the both of them for a fairly
> low price (I can't get them separate, only both together).  I'm
> not quite able to figure out everything about them, but from
> what I can gather, they're a couple of the first Radeon AIW
> products, based on some revision of the R100 core.  They're
> classified as briefly-tested parts taken from working systems.
> My question is, would they be compatible with a PC164LX?  If so,
> and one of them works, that would be all I need right now to get
> a working X server on my Alpha box--good 2D, light 3D accel, and
> some other AIW features that I might try to make use of later.
> --
> Kelledin
> "If a server crashes in a server farm and no one pings it, does
> it still cost four figures to fix?"

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