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video card

It seems i've partially fixed my problems with slow video output.  I
built XF4.3 and installed it.  Now it takes forever to get into X, but
if it makes it better, i'm all for it.  I can play mpegs rather well,
only dropping a few frames here and there.  I have 'mplayer' aliased to
'mplayer -framedrop -vo sdl -cache 65536 '.  Yes, 64megs of cache, hey i
have 512megs of RAM, may aswell put it to use.  Divx at original size is
decent, almost watchable, but fullscreen it starts dropping frames like

I thought i'd try a different video card on the box, something hta ti
know works well for video, so i took my Riva TNT card and put it in.
It's an older card (~1997), but SRM refused to recognize it.  So then i
got a nice plan.  I put both the Matrox Millenium and the TNT card in.
SRM came up on the Matrox card.  Then i set up /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 to
load up the "nv" driver instead of the "mga" driver.  I restarted xdm
and xdm started running, but now i got no output on either video cards.
I ssh'ed in and saw that X had detected the TNT card, and was running,
but i was getting no output, anywheres.  

So... my question would be.. Is there any way to do what i'm trying to
do?  Should i just buy a new video card?  Can any of you play videos at
a decent rate on Matrox Millenium cards?  If so..how?

Oh.. btw.. according to the guy who sold me the box, it has the latest

Richard Fillion 

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