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Re: video card

Richard Fillion <rick@rhix.ods.org> writes:

> It seems i've partially fixed my problems with slow video output.  I
> built XF4.3 and installed it.  Now it takes forever to get into X,
> but if it makes it better, i'm all for it.  I can play mpegs rather
> well, only dropping a few frames here and there.  I have 'mplayer'
> aliased to 'mplayer -framedrop -vo sdl -cache 65536 '.  Yes, 64megs
> of cache, hey i have 512megs of RAM, may aswell put it to use.  Divx
> at original size is decent, almost watchable, but fullscreen it
> starts dropping frames like crazy.

That indicates you're not using the Xv extension. Xv moves
YUV-conversion and scaling to the hardware, which saves a lot of CPU
time. Try xvinfo to see whether your card and driver support it, or
mplayer -vo xv.


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