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Re: questions

At 03:51 AM 28/03/03, Bob Schmidt sent this up the stick:
Well here we go, I just aquired a DEC 433au with 256mb of ram. It doesn't
have a hard drive, I have a 20gb ide I was going to put in it.  It does have
the scsi controller, but I don't have a scsi hard drive for it yet because I
don't know how many pins it has.  I am planning on putting debian 3 on it.
Are there any issues I should be aware of before I start (I get my 433au on

I have a PWS 500au. They use a QLogic 1040, 68 pin ultra-scsi card. It's built in to the riser card. I have two 9 Gig drives in mine, a Compaq and an IBM, so disk compatibility is not really an issue. IDE performance is below par for these boxes too.

 Also, (dumb question) what kind of modems will work in these
machines?  The only pci modems I have are winmodems, I got them to work in
linux on my pc, but will they work in a 433au.  I also have a 56k ISA modem,
I'm assuming that  won't work because it is not pci.

An ISA modem should be OK, but the winmodem is doubtful. There was a project on Sourceforge trying to get a winmodem to work, however. Google around for "Linmodem"


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