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Re: video card

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, Richard Fillion wrote:
> So at this point, i'm ready to just blame the video card/driver and
> decleare that i've done all that i can do softwarewise.  I can live with
> this performance for a while, atleast until i get enough money to buy a
> nice new pci video card for it.  So whats a Good video card that i
> should be looking towards?  I liked my pci radeon, but it fried and i
> highly doubt i could find another one for sale in a store (got the only
> one in Winnipeg from what i could tell).  So what would you suggest?
> There's no way tog et a TV-Tuner card/video card to work with alpha is
> there? (the tuner part).
TV-cards work in Alpha.
I'm using Terratec TValue PCI card, and it has BT878 chip on board.
Works well, can watch TV and capture.

Try some newer Matrox, like G400.
I'm using Voodoo3 2000 and it feels slower in 2D than Matrox Mil.2.

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