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Re: Silencing of the 500au

> From: Andrew Maier <andrew@maier.name>
> Subject: Silencing of the 500au
> I do like my little PWS 500au I acquired, but it does make quite a lot of
> noise. (In particular considering a home environment). Does anyone have
> any tips or pointers on how to make the box a little less loud. 

Really?  My PWS is the quietest box I own!

> Looking inside I gather that the the main and only noise source comes
> from the power-supply. Everything else is passively cooled.

There are three fans in a PWS, one for the power supply, one in front of the processor and one in front of the riser card (at the bottom).
> Does anyone have experience in replacing the fan/power-supply for a
> somewhat less noisy one on this type of machine?

Dunno if it can be done ... I don't think they are a "standard" ATX type.


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