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Re: SCSI cards and SRM (Re: questions)

Quoting Helge Kreutzmann <kreutzm@itp.uni-hannover.de>:

> > Is it right to say: If the card doesn't work under SRM, it doesn't
> > work under the OS?
> No. A "solution" would be to boot via floppy, once Linux is up it will
There is still an original Symbios card inside, which works fine. I can
boot off a disk attached to this card. 

> recognize your SCSI-adapter just fine (provided there a Linux drivers
> for it, of course).
The funny thing is the cards behave the same under srm and Linux. The DPT
RAID is well listed in srm (show config) but I get repeated timeouts
listing the drives (show devices). If I boot Linux and try to load the
kernel module, the driver loads and half way I see the same messages as on
the srm console...
If I insert a Promise FastTrack TX2000, show config doesn't list it at all.
In sync, loading the FastTrack kernel module after booting, the driver
states something like no such device present. Isn't this leading to the
conclusion, that srm must recognize the card in order to use it under the
OS? Or asked in the different direction, because the answers so far point
out it must not be supported in srm to be used in Linux: Why can't I use my
RAID card?

> > have tried a DPT-i2o without success. Does anyone have a sugestion?
> Those are probably way to new for your machine.
It's all 64-Bit PCI. Isn't there a standard for compatibility of older and
newer PCI versions? If it doesn't matter wether srm recognizes a card in
order to use it under Linux (with the right driver, of course), why a card
can be "to new" then?

Thank you for the discussion of this subject.

Regards, Adrian.

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