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Re: Alpha BIOS to SRM question = looking for some help

Hi, Bob,

bob smith <sfmc68@bellatlantic.net> schrieb am 02.03.03 22:50:52:
> Maybe someone can help me.
> I have snagged the latest firmware from the dec site, snagged the 
> release notes, created the floppy with the file fwupdate.exe on a pc 
> using a FAT formatted floppy.  The version of firmwre seems to be
> referred to as 5.8 for the LX and SX, 5.6 for the 164, fyi.
> I have booted my LX, gotten the Alphabios screen, selected update,
> gotten it to seitch to the serial port, after it seems to boot from
> floppy (green led on, movement of floppy heads) and all seems well.
> I get the update prompt, UPD> and I tell it to update firmware.
> Now, here is where I get confused ;
> the releasenotes, page 11, talks about a floppy with file
> LX164SRM.ROM (downloaded from the ftp site) but the directions
> from the site don't seem to say anything bout this, all they
> talk about is createing the fwupdate.exe.
> I have the flash jumper on the right spot, trying to dump this
> alpha bios and get to srm.

If I'm not all too mistaken, you have to rename your LX164SRM.ROM
to FWUPDATE.EXE and everything should be fine. At least it worked
for me.

> Help
> thanks
> bob

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