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Re: PWS500au ide problems

On Fri, 28 Mar 2003, Richard Fillion wrote:

> Im trying to get my PWS500au running a 2.4 kernel, and i'm running into
> IDE problems.  All works well in 2.2, the cdrom works (its an ide cdrom,
> who would have thought?), and the additional 60gig drive that i put in
> there works well (albeit slow).  But when i try to boot 2.4.20 i get
> error about irqs not responding and weird stuff.   What i tried is
> putting in my promise ata100 controller in there and putting the
> harddrive on that and unplugging the cdrom.  Well i wasnt able to unplug
> the cdrom, so i was still getting the "hdb: irq timeout" (or something
> like that).  I'd get about 6 of those in a row before it would just go
> on its way again.  But it wasnt able to be so nice with the hd.  Even
> when on the promise controller i'd get errors, but stuff like CRCerrors
> and much more scary ones.  Is there something i should know about PWS
> and IDE?  I can run 2.2 for a while, but i wanna get 2.4 and
> iptables/netfilter going on this box.

Are you booting from SRM? It looks to me like your forgot to answer 'Yes'
to the "Boot from SRM?" question in the kernel config. Without that you
will get no interupts.


Rich Payne
rdp at talisman dot mv dot com

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