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Re: Browsers in woody

Falk Hueffner wrote:
Kerstin Hoef-Emden <Kerstin.Hoef-Emden@Uni-Koeln.DE> writes:

It is not possible to resize Mozilla's windows. The resizing button
in the top window bar, and left, right and bottom window frame are
missing (but not in Netscape, rxvt or other X11-based programs).

This is the same bug as #97326 for qvwm. Please file a bug report for

Hmmm... I am running Mozilla 1.2.1 here and the re-sizing buttons work for me. It is in "unstable", but seems to work OK on a mixed "testing"/"unstable" system. I think this is about the only "unstable" program I have installed on my Alpha...

As I recall, Mozilla 1.0.0 also re-sized for me too...

Can you drag the top frame down and try to move it around the screen with the mouse? Maybe this will pull these buttons into view and you can try hitting the resize button then?

Can you try a higher screen resolution and bring it into view?

-Don Spoon-

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