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Re: SCSI cards and SRM (Re: questions)

At 10:01 PM 28/03/03, Adrian Zaugg sent this up the stick:
Quoting Rich Payne <rdp@talisman.mv.com>:

> > Is "show dev" not working?
> Chances are it's the SCSI controller not the disks. SRM will only see
> certain controllers. Other it will ignore (and therefor the disks
> won't
> show up).
Is there a site where those "certain" controllers are listed? I have tried
a few controllers in my 7305 and none of them were working properly... Is
it right to say: If the card doesn't work under SRM, it doesn't work under
the OS?
Actually I'm searching an U160 SCSI-Raid card that works with my machine. I
have tried a DPT-i2o without success. Does anyone have a sugestion?

It's going to be more than likely that the cards that will work are based on the Symbios or QLogic chipsets for the 7305 - seems to be a common denominator for SRM. Have a look at http://www.alphalinux.org/ALOHcl/ to se if anyone has put anything that works in there.


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