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Re: PWS cpu replacing

At 05:22 AM 9/03/03, Richard Fillion sent this up the stick:
I was just wondering...I'm planning on buying a Personal Workstation
500, and i've seen claims on the net that PWS can go up to 667Mhz (the
limit of 21164 right?), so in theory, could i just drop in a 667Mhz chip
and replace the 500?  And just out of curiosity, lets say the PWS's cpu
goes bad, could i replace it with the 500Mhz cpu that was in my DS3305?
How interchangeable are alpha cpus?

Not very, really. IIRC (not shutting mine down to check :) the PWS CPU is not socketed, so you'll have to be VERY handy with multi-layer soldering and desoldering to be able to change CPU's.


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