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Couple quick questions 164Lx milo/aboot/ext3 AlphaBIOS versus SRM


After replacing one of my Harddrives and partitioning, formatting and copying all my files over I found out that milo doesn't support ext3 or even newer ext2 formatted partitions. I copied the kernel to the small dos partition and got everything working.

I was trying to research the following but didn't have any luck finding quick information and since I'm sure a number of fine folks here can answer these off the top of their head I thought I would ask them here.

1) Does aboot as run from srm understand ext3 filesystems?

2) Since srm requires a boot record and AlphaBios used standard ibm disk partitioning would I have to repartition and format my drives, or can I create a small boot record for the disk with covers the first small section and use the rest of my partitions as is?

3) Since I have a 164Lx system I can't have both SRM and AlphaBios both installed at the same time. I have found the bios updates but wonder if anyone else has changed the 164Lx from AlphaBios to SRM? Is it just as easy to change it back? Any horror stories, is it worth it to change?

4) I am also curious if anyone has tried VMS or Digital Unix on the 164Lx, something I am considering trying out if I move to SRM and they will run?

5) From what I was reading no one is continuing work on Milo but what happened to the source code? I thought, possibly incorrectly, that the milo code was basicly compiled against a kernel version and that keeping it upto date would be relatively simple?

Thanks in advance for any and all replies,

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