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Re: Browser for Multia

"Marc Schlensog" <fishtank@web.de> writes:

> I am looking for a quick and small browser, so that I can use my
> little Multia as a web-terminal. I'm using mozilla right now, but I
> have to say: it's a real pain.

Try dillo. Its *very* fast, but unfortunately rendering isn't quite
perfect... Otherwise, you might try the old, non-free netscape. Or
konqueror, not sure how fast that one is, though.

> Furthermore: what seems to be a decent windowmanager for such a
> machine?  twm would be fine for me, but my girlfriend also needs
> access once in a while, so that might not be a permanent option.

I use qvwm. If you turn off all the annoying features, it is quite
light and usable :)


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