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Hi again,

Well here we go, I just aquired a DEC 433au with 256mb of ram. It doesn't
have a hard drive, I have a 20gb ide I was going to put in it.  It does have
the scsi controller, but I don't have a scsi hard drive for it yet because I
don't know how many pins it has.  I am planning on putting debian 3 on it.
Are there any issues I should be aware of before I start (I get my 433au on
Monday).  Also, (dumb question) what kind of modems will work in these
machines?  The only pci modems I have are winmodems, I got them to work in
linux on my pc, but will they work in a 433au.  I also have a 56k ISA modem,
I'm assuming that  won't work because it is not pci.

I also got ahold of a Digital AS 4000 with dual 400mhz processors and 512mb
of ram.  I put WniNT on that, but have been thinking of perhaps putting
linux on that as well.  It is a little overkill for my home server, but I'm
having fun.  I got it for a steal (under $100) and it works perfectly, and
is in good shape.  Will debian work on that?

I suppose that oughta do it for now, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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> I highly recommend that you just ask your questions.  This is one of the
> friendliest mailing lists i've ever seen, extremely helpful people.  The
> only suggestion i have is that ifyou have a PersonalWorkstation and are
> looking to find out how to get the sound to work, look up the mailing
> list archives, that question gets asked rather often eheh.
> Richard Fillion
> PS : alphaless till TOOMOROW, cant wait for my new alpha to get here :)

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