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Re: Browser for Multia

Go to:

Download, then un-tar/gzip, then read "README.install" which tells
you to execute the "ns-install" script.  I use it 99% of the time.
But more and more now I find web-pages that load completely empty,
though still with the "Document: Done." message, and worse: sites
that cause Netscape to crash.  (Ex: http://www.zend.com)  It may
be a java thing.  For those sites I bring up mozilla or another.



Marc Schlensog wrote:
> Thanks to all who have replied. I was fooling around with some
> options without all too much success though. Dillo was quite nice
> and fast but seemed to be rather unstable. Konqueror and Galeon
> needed way too much overhead with all that KDE and Gnome stuff
> and that graphical Links didn't seem to work all too good in FB-Mode.
> The thing I haven't tried yet is Netscape 4.7. Could anyone tell me,
> how to get it installed?
> TIA,
> Marc

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