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Re: alpha/milo install on multia Re: alpha/milo sparse ext2 install bnetd build fails on alpha and ia64 Bug 136261 - alpha only? Re: Bug#140104: gimp1.2 no longer builds on alpha Re: compiling source package fails Downloading 2.2r4 for AXP EISA SCSI FYI: floating-point exceptions in libgnomeprint15 gcc options Gdk-ERROR on debian alpha Help compiling g77-2.95 Help needed for mozart package How to upgrade srm bios on AXPpci133 Re: Install trouble on Alpha 300xl Intro / help Re: Intro / help (update) Kernel 2.4.18 & Alpha 2000 4/200 kernel 2.4.xx swap requirements Known Problems with Potato and Woody Milo fails on SX with 18Gb disk missing drivers in jensen boot-floppies mounting ufs Need a stroke of the CLUBAT: kernel-image-2.4.28-generic Re: NetBoot on Multia New Alpha on the net! New boot floppies up for testing NFS problems from alpha server --> solaris client [OT] source for used XP1000? Part II RE: SRM hardware support question pcmcia-cs Please make that ltt is built for your arch Please test Debian installation bootp/tftp file Re: Processed: Re: Bug#136561: [ missing drivers in jensen (alpha) boot floppies] Re: Questions about the Real Time Clock Request for build: mpg123. Root symlink to /boot/vmlinuz SCSI CD-R with SRM boot Re: scsi error Segmentation faults with mozilla 0.9.8 Shlibs with fortran source in ccc Software Development from Russia ($20-$25 per hour) SRM hardware support question subscribe SUCCESS: X compiled with CCC tdfx-DRI with X 4.2 / FlightGear 0.7.9 Translating Optimizations i386 -> alpha unsubscribe Vanishing Partition Table, was: Re: Milo fails on SX with 18Gb disk Re: Welcome to Liers_dot_net_Liers_dot_org_auction_notification_list Why not use GCC 3.0? Xfree 3.3.6 and a wd90c24(a) videocard xfree86v3 not autobuilding [광고] 종량제 봉투 절약형 압축쓰레기통 소개 The last update was on 13:19 GMT Wed May 01. There are 146 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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