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Re: Xfree 3.3.6 and a wd90c24(a) videocard

On Thu, Mar 28, 2002 at 05:53:04AM +0100, g wrote:
> I have got an Alphabook1 laptop from tadpole with a 800x600 tft screen,
> 233mhz alpha and a wd90c24(a) videocard.

Welcome to a *very* small group... ;-}

> After I installed the "unstable" (woody) version of debian for alpha I
> discovered that xfree 4.0 did not support the wd card, I then installed
> xfree 3.3.6 and used the XF86_SVGA server (according to xfree86.org docs
> that server had support for wd90c24, wd90c3x etc), after edittng
> XF86Config I noticed that the build of XF86_SVGA had no support compiled
> in for my card, my question is if i can get a XF86_SVGA server (binary)
> somewhere for this laptop without having to build the xfree 3.3.6 source
> myself (I only have an external floppydrive and no pcmcia support yet)

How did you manage to do the install, without PCMCIA? All on floppies?

I did some patches to XFree86 about the 3.1.2/3.2 timeframe, that were
never integrated into the official sources. It probably wouldn't be a
big deal to try them against 3.3.6, as things in the WD driver prolly
didn't change much during that time. Biggest problem: I've got to find
them, and I'm not having much luck... :-\


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