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Re: tdfx-DRI with X 4.2 / FlightGear 0.7.9

On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Marius Hillenbrand wrote:

> 1st problem:
> I'm running a self-built XFree86 4.2 on a Voodoo 3 2000 which works
> perfectly in 2D. I updated from 4.1 only because DRI was very unstable (but
> it worked) - but now a program using OpenGL (libGL is the X-version) either
> segfaults (for example glxinfo) or freezes the display (mouse is movable
> but fixed to the "character" cursor - system is still running and
> rebootable over network or via Alt-SysRq-[SUB]).

Dunno....I'll have to try 4.1.0 again on mine since I never had a problem
with DRI on my V3-2000.

> Did anyone encounter similar problems and is there a (perhaps obviously
> simple) solution ??
> The problem occurs with both 2.4.16 and 2.4.18, I'm running potato.

IIRC, newer kernels have the revised DRI stuff in them for 4.2 (don't hold
me to that...I haven't checked to be sure yet).

> 2nd problem:
> I've successfully built FlightGear 0.7.9, C(XX)FLAGS where -mieee -O4
> -mcpu=ev56 (the complete "lib-chain" plib, metakit and SimGear had to be
> built with -mieee).
> FlightGear starts (in 24bpp without direct rendering) and displays the
> splash screen, materials are loaded but when the flight model is
> initialized either an "Aborted" or a segfault finishes the process.
> Is this the "common endpoint" on LinuxAlpha or did someone reach farer ??

I got that far awhile ago when trying to fix FlightGear, but ran out of
time to fix further.  I believe that FG has some 64-bit issues, but it
would take some time for me to find them.  I can start doing so, if you'd
like, but it will probably take me over a month to really make any
progress due to RL time constraints.


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