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Re: alpha/milo install on multia

Florian Lohoff <flo@rfc822.org> writes:

> except the sparse ext2 which i did not get working (Does the 2.2 Milo
> really support this)

Hmm, I was pretty sure it does.

> there seems to be a problem with "Make system bootable from
> disk". Selecting this pops up something like "Found DOS partition" -
> Acknowledging this immeatly goes to the initial dbootstrap "Welcome"
> screen.

That probably means dbootstrap segfaulted or similar... please file a
bug report. There's a "make log floppy" option or similar, perhaps you
can find something in the logs.

> No dos filesystem gets created nor does the milo/linload.exe etc get
> copied to that partition. 

DOS filesystems currently never get created by the installer, the user
always needs to do it by hand :(

> I was unsuccessful in letting milo boot from the sparse ext2
> filesystem - Selecting the partition with "hda6:" and then issueing
> an "ls" within milo showed an empty directory. A boot command like
> "boot hda6:vmlinuz root=/dev/hda6" fails. 

Weird. Did anybody ever get this to work?

> As a workaround i copied the kernel to the dos partition which is
> not really satisfying ...

Actually, I've pondered whether it might not be a good idea to have
this setup (kernel on FAT next to MILO) as standard. No more problems
with MILO incompatibilities... The only drawback I see is that you
need to give your kernel images 8+3 names.


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