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Milo fails on SX with 18Gb disk


I'm running an PC164SX , using milo to boot my kernel,
which was working fine when I used a 4.5 Gb scsi harddisk.

Now I have put in a 18 Gb scsi disk and milo fails to load the kernel
from that disk , or read the filesystems on it.
It gives errors indicating it does not recognize the (ext2) filesystem.
(BTW I can load a milo off a FAT filesystem on the 18 Gb disk)

When I boot the kernel from the 4.5 Gb disk , but
use the 18 Gb disk for  / , it's all fine.
All filesystems check are OK.
So once the kernel is running it has no problem with the 18 Gb disk at all.

I've tried the newer milo's for my system , all have the same behavior.

I use ARC BIOS. The   scsi-controller is an AHA2940UW but that should not
be a problem
since the 4.5 Gb disk boots off it fine.

Does anyone know off anything to try before I start converting to srm/aboot
(Which I'm not to happy about, as it involves flashing , repartioning

All hints are appreciated !


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