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Part II RE: SRM hardware support question

I missed the unsupported section. I'm treating devices as 'host bus
If anyone can append or ammend this list please do.

> Also, are there any  known scsi/ide devices that are shown supported by
the Linux
> kernel that in  fact don't work on the Alpha?

Under SCSI... All the RAID cards except the ICP VORTEX (GDTH) and the DAC960
to work on Alpha. The AMI cards could work but they need their BIOS
initialized first, the driver is 64 bit clean (Thanks Chris). I know the ICP
Vortex works because I fixed it :-). What else... Well, Treat anything
besides Adaptec, Symbios, Qlogic, and Advansys as suspect until otherwise
proven wrong. The Qlogic FC driver works but could be alot faster.

As for IDE I'm pretty sure the PROMISE IDE controllers work, treat the rest
as suspect. Hope this helps.

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