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Re: Intro / help

Carl Parrish <cparrish@cox.net> writes:

> I've just recently got a AlphaPC 164SX. It looks like I have access
> to ARBIOS and MILO but not srm. I have the Alpha-Debian disk1 image
> burned on a CD-ROM (did the md5sum). put the CD-ROM in restarted the
> computer......Nothing. So I did a little background reading
> (RTFM). Came up with lots of info for srm but since I can't seem to
> find srm didn't help me much.

Here's how to install SRM on a SX164 (I posted it just a few days ago
on another list :)



Copy it to a FAT formatted floppy as "fwupdate.exe". Select "Update
AlphaBIOS" from the AlphaBIOS menu.  On reboot, you should get a blue
screen.  Hit enter a few times, and you should get a prompt
">>>". Then do:

>>> set os_type unix
>>> set console graphics

Previously, you should ensure SRM supports your boot device. SX164 SRM
supports booting from IDE, Adaptec and Symbios, so this is usually not
a problem. Check

Please tell me if this works, I did this about a year ago and perhaps
I'm not remembering correctly. It might also help to unplug all serial
devices so SRM doesn't think they're serial consoles.


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