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Re: Why not use GCC 3.0?

On Fri 08 Mar 2002, Michael Lake wrote:
> I have often seen these 'unaligned traps' lurking in my logs so I am curious about being able too see how many occur in cpuinfo and learning something
> new about my Alpha. 
> Looking at my cpuinfo I see....
> 	kernel unaligned acc	: 0 (pc=0,va=0)
> 	user unaligned acc	: 5407 (pc=120009bbc,va=1201c1abc)
> 	platform string		: Digital AlphaPC 164LX 533 MHz
> Is "acc" short for access? I gather the unaligned trap is where the kernal detects and traps a memory access. Whats the number of unaligned traps, the

Try to limit the length of your lines, these long lines make it
difficult to respond to the relevant bit...

> Is "acc" short for access?


> zero number in kernal unaligned acc or the 5407? I presume that my cpuinfo is telling me that whatever causes these unaligned traps is something that

the zero number in kernel unaligned acc means that the kernel code
itself caused 0 unaligned accesses.
The 5407 in user unaligned acc means that user code caused 5407
unaligned accesses since boot. These are from "normal" processes.

Paul Slootman

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