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Re: Please make that ltt is built for your arch


On Fri, Mar 29, 2002 at 10:34:10AM +0100, ydirson@fr.alcove.com wrote:
> The archs on which we should build the LTT package was restricted some
> time ago.  Now that much more archs are supported by the kernel patch,
> I changed that to "arch: any" again, but only the ppc buildd takes
> care of it.  Please update you package lists accordingly.

surprise, surprise:
ltt: i386 powerpc		# requires kernel patch

tell elmo (james troup) about it, as pointed out at the beginning
of the file.

so long

PS: sorry, to cross post to everyone as well.
PPS: there is debian-ports as well to avoid this, i know -powerpc
isn't affected but looks way nicer than the numerous addresses
the header no has.

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