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Intro / help

Hi my name is Carl Parrish. I'm not really new to Linux but I guess you
could say I'm new to Debian and *really* new to Alpha. I typically would
lurk for a few days before posting a "please help me" message. but I'm
pretty stuck and need help fast. 

I've just recently got a AlphaPC 164SX. It looks like I have access to
ARBIOS and MILO but not srm. I have the Alpha-Debian disk1 image burned
on a CD-ROM (did the md5sum). put the CD-ROM in restarted the
computer......Nothing. So I did a little background reading (RTFM). Came
up with lots of info for srm but since I can't seem to find srm didn't
help me much. So I went into Milo after much trial and erro tried the
following command. 'boot hdc:boot/linux -t iso9660' and suddenly it
actually seemed to try to boot from the CD-ROM (or at least the closest
I've come so far.) But then it stops and I get the following error

Kernal Panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 00:00

So any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Carl P.

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