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NFS problems from alpha server --> solaris client

Hi -

I've been running into problems with solaris clients seeing files as
directories and directories as files on filesystems exported from our Debian
alpha NFS server. I thought this was a user-land NFS server issue so I've
recently upgraded to the kernel NFS server. However we still see these

I'm running a stock 2.2.20 kernel on a Debian Potato installed alpha box
with the kernel NFS server and v0.3.2 nfsutils.

Its really easy to reproduce with the user-land server (I've got a script
that does it everytime) but only seems to happen occasionally using the
kernel NFS server, usually during compilations across NFS when theres a lot
of file creation/deletion. It looks like the files/directories in question
get the same inodes - I thought this wasnt a problem as long as the
generation numbers were different....

Unfortunately its hard to say how to reproduce it, for the user-land server
all you had to do was create a file, remove it, create a directory and then
remove it in quick succession and you'd get it after a few goes.

Anyone got any clues?



Marcus Williams http://www.onq2.com
Quintic Ltd, 39 Newnham Road, Cambridge, UK

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