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Re: scsi error

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Jean-Paul Blaquiere wrote:

> > On Feb 28, Giannis Georgalis illuminated :
> > 	When I compile the 2.4.17 kernel on a DIGITAL AlphaServer 400
> > 4/233 (Avanti), and when I reboot with my new kernel I get these messages,
> >
> Which version of gcc did you compile this with?   and on a potato or woody
> system?  did you set SRM console if booting via srm, and generic or avanti
> kernel?

Your questions helped me locate my problem... my ncr53c810 did not work
when I compiled the kernel with the Avanti option. But on the other hand
it worked fine with the Generic option! The next thing I did was to
compile the whole kernel with the Avanti "flags" and all the scsi related
drivers with the Generic "flags" ...but that didn't work either :(

According to the linux 2.4.17 help, the option avanti should be fine with
my AS 400 (4/233).

I use gcc 2.95.4 and I have potato with most of the packages upgraded to
unstable (I use this computer for testing).

with the generic 2.4.17 linux, the AS400 works fine but (as an
optimization freak) I want to make avanti optimizations work ...

What am I doing wrong?
Any hint would be highly appreciated


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