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Re: Need a stroke of the CLUBAT: kernel-image-2.4.28-generic

Donald R. Spoon <dspoon@satx.rr.com> wrote:

> 1.  Does MILO support the use of initrd?
> 2.  How would I go about setting it up in ALPHABIOS?

> I have to use the older MILO compiled around the 2.0.35 kernel because 
> the newer ones compiled against the 2.2.X kernels just don't work on the 
> XLT.

If you can boot from SRM, then you can use aboot to load the initrd image.
Otherwise I'm afraid you'll have to try to get MILO 2.2 to work if you
want to load the initrd image.

> have to re-compile from the source.  I plan on using the "config-2.4.18" 
> file supplied with the new kernel-image package as a starting point. 
> Which options MUST I change to turn off the initrd stuff?

It's probably a better idea to use your old .config file or even the
2.2 kernel's .config file as a starting point since the generic kernel
is just that, generic.
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