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Re: Why not use GCC 3.0?

> > I read many times that those "unaligned traps" had a huge impact on
> > performance, don't you notice anything?
> Not really.  I use my laptop more than any other computer in my house, so
> performance issues there are quite noticable.  Mostly, though, it's hard
> to lean on any one machine more than the others when you have 10+ machines
> in your house ;-)  I read my mail on my Alpha and serve some lightweight
> databases, but that's about it.  My i386 does some PHP/web stuff for me,
> my sparc has it's tasks, etc for mips, hppa, m68k, and so forth.  I think
> if I used the Alpha as my desktop and/or for everything, I would notice
> more, but I don't tax any of my machines much (nor see consoles), so I
> don't notice anything but kernel-oops-level problems.

Say, which DB engine do you use?

I use a LX164 as my desktop machine. I ran Postgres (it is a development
machine), but it was WAY too slow... I tried once to run MySQL, but it
would not even run (although this was quite a while ago).

During the last year most of the problematic applications stopped giving
me unaligned traps - I suppose it is because there are more developers
with 64 bits in mind (mainly thanks to Ultrasparc and IA64)... But it
still makes me suffer.

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