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Re: Known Problems with Potato and Woody

On Sun, 10 Mar 2002, Zach Lowry wrote:

> 	I write again to see if there will be any action taken to fix the
> problems being encountered by users of Debian and the DEC Multia
> while netbooting. Or perhaps someone on this list can shed some light
> on the subject and tell me that they're not even problems at all?!?
> 	It seems that both of the kernels install the system with the
> tftpboot.img file, but fail to TFTP the kernel on the second boot.

You're leaving a lot of information out of this "bug report".  First off,
what kind of system is the tftp server (is it Linux?  if so, kernel
version and arch)?  Secondly, which tftpboot.img have you tried (from
which boot-floppies directory...they're dated)?  Lastly, are you using SRM


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