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SUCCESS: X compiled with CCC


Is where you can pick up whats attached and the build log, which is huge.
With the help of George France and Jim Gettys I've gotten Xfree86 to compile
with ccc from the 4.2.0 sources.

Basicly I had to set up a cross compile setup that used ccc. Now it seems
that the cross compiling setup in X is not quite complete. There are times
during the build where the compilers switch from ccc to cc, only a handfull
though. I had to hack around the cf/*def files abit. the problem is even
though you've defined a CrossCompile the definitions needed to compile your
bootstrap tools are initialy declared but yet are not expanded when imake
generates the makefiles. Thats why host.def is more than just 2 lines (thats
all it 'should' be, the rest comes from cross.rules). I need to learn more
on how Imake works to fix it cleanly, why not autoconf?  There are some
errors in the build and no I have not installed it nor do i intend to. I
compiled this on a remote system (suse alpha at compaq) and I do not have
ccc installed on my deb box currently nor can I access ftp.compaq.com to get

Attached are three files. the output of 'grep -i error world.log' ,
cross.def, and host.def. To compile X with ccc simply drop the to .def files
into config/cf directory and run make world. The complete build output is
available at alphadriven.org at the link I posted above. You will need to
tweak the cross.def
just alittle bit to suit your system. The changes are obvious.

So anyone interested in continuing this debug please do!!! I will find time
to work on this further though I intend to concentrate the bulk of my time
on evolving MILO

I still have time to go out tonight...


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