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New boot floppies up for testing

Floppy images worked well on my AXPpci 33, though MILO versions other
than 2.0.35-c7b have never liked my Alpha.  MILO 2.2-18 configured and
built by myself is really close to working.  Precompiled MILO 2.2-17
and 2.2-18 from http://www.suse.de/~stepan/ boot and initialize the
graphics adapter but keyboard does not respond since stream of random
characters comes from somewhere else than keyboard.  That scrolls by

My own MILO 2.2-18 binary freezes after spinning up the first
harddisk.  On the screen it says "Spinning up disk..." but it never
notices that the disk has started spinning and no more than three dots
appear.  On normal Linux or working MILO dots appear on screen until
the disk is ready.  So, I still have to use MILO 2.0.35-c7b on first
floppy drive (fail-safe boot floppy setup) and kernel (Linux 2.4.18 at
the moment) on second floppy drive to boot.

Now I have got newer basedebs.tar to download and see if it gets me
all the way through on new Debian woody install.

 "pienena   /  Paavo "Rainbow Rat" Hartikainen
  minusta  /  E-mail: pahartik@sci.fi
  tulee   /  URL: http://www.sci.fi/~pahartik/
  rotta" /  EFnet: pahartik at #Atari and #LionKing

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