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Help needed for mozart package

It seems that the "mozart" package never built on the following
architectures (see bug #131172):

    hppa mipsel arm mips s390

The bottleneck seems to be a file src/share/bin/ozplatform. The
idea behind this script is to return a canonicalised system
identifier $OZARCH, to allow the sharing of
architecture-dependent functors (Oz libraries) between
binary-compatible systems. For example, all i[4567]86 Linux
platforms are assigned the same Oz system identifier.

It would be _very_ helpful if you could send me the output of

    uname -m
    uname -s
    uname -r

for the architectures in question, so that I could prepare a
patch of the script.

It would be even more helpful if you at the same time could
suggest a match pattern and value of $OZARCH. (See the script
for examples.) I am not familiar with any of the above
hardware, and do not know which uname results it would be
sensible to map onto the same Oz system identifier.

Please cc all mail regarding this issue either to me or to the
bug (131172@bugs.debian.org), as I am not subscribed to this
mailing list.

    Thanks for your help,

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