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tdfx-DRI with X 4.2 / FlightGear 0.7.9


1st problem:
I'm running a self-built XFree86 4.2 on a Voodoo 3 2000 which works
perfectly in 2D. I updated from 4.1 only because DRI was very unstable (but
it worked) - but now a program using OpenGL (libGL is the X-version) either
segfaults (for example glxinfo) or freezes the display (mouse is movable
but fixed to the "character" cursor - system is still running and
rebootable over network or via Alt-SysRq-[SUB]).

Did anyone encounter similar problems and is there a (perhaps obviously
simple) solution ??
The problem occurs with both 2.4.16 and 2.4.18, I'm running potato.

2nd problem:
I've successfully built FlightGear 0.7.9, C(XX)FLAGS where -mieee -O4
-mcpu=ev56 (the complete "lib-chain" plib, metakit and SimGear had to be
built with -mieee).
FlightGear starts (in 24bpp without direct rendering) and displays the
splash screen, materials are loaded but when the flight model is
initialized either an "Aborted" or a segfault finishes the process.
Is this the "common endpoint" on LinuxAlpha or did someone reach farer ??

Happy alpha-linux-iasm,
Marius Hillenbrand
living a RISCy life
PGP PublicKey: http://sites.inka.de/sirius/marius.key.asc

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