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missing drivers in jensen boot-floppies


In the boot-floppies 3.0.17 distribution, the standard kernel does not
have network card drivers.  Just about every Jensen has a DE422 network
card, doesn't it?  I'd really like this one fixed, as I'll be damned if
I'm going to feed a million floppies through the machine to get it
installed when I've got a nice fast 'net connection just sitting here...

Also, it seems as though the Jensen boot floppies/driver disks are
missing modules for aic7xxx SCSI cards.

I'm willing to help out here, but I have 2 problems.  The first is I
don't know how, the second is I have no Alphas currently installed.  I
DO have 2 Jensens waiting to be installed, however.  I will be willing
to contribute detailed installation instructions for these horrible
beasts once I've got the install down to a fine art, once someone helps
me get there.

Sure, I could install slink, which works out of the box, but I'd rather
contribute to the development of the project :-)

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