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Re: New boot floppies up for testing

"Donald R. Spoon" <dspoon@satx.rr.com> writes:

> I have tested the MILO portion of your new boot-floppies dated 6 Mar
> 02 on my Alpha XL300 (XLT / Alcor) and it does not work.  The symptoms
> are the same as I reported in Aug 2001 and are identical to those
> reported by Scott R. Sewall on 25 Feb 02 in a message entitled
> "Install Troubles on Alpha 300XL" on the Debian-Alpha mailing list.
> The boot process hangs at the statement: "Swapping to PALcode at
> 0x80000 ..." and does not respond to any keyboard inputs.  I have to
> use the reset button to recover.
> FYI, I do have a "fall-back".  The Milo compiled against the 2.0.35
> kernel that came with either Slink or the earlier Potato Debian Alpha
> dists works fine.

Hmm. Really the best way would be to to fix MILO, but I don't see that
happening anytime soon, and as a SRM user, I will of course not invest
any work in it :)

So my plan is to choose for each subarch which MILO version to take,
so we can use the ancient MILO for xlt. That shouldn't bee too hard.

While we're at it, the current boot-floppies force ext2 blocksize to
1k for MILO systems, because apparently MILO can't handle anything
else. Does anybody know whether this still true for 2.2 based MILO?

Unfortunately, I don't have access to my Alpha currently, for at least
a few weeks, so I can't work on it. It would be nice if somebody would
build the current release and upload it to the proper archive.


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