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mounting ufs


need your help in mounting this scsi HD to linux box or
 alpha server 4100. problem is like this, we have a alpha
 server running ULTRIX then unfortunately it doesn't boot
 now. we need to salbage the data for we dont have backup
 for the last 5 yrs. then somebody told me that its posible
 to mount it in linux but it does not detect the HD, what
 we did was remove the scsi from the its caddy then tried
 installing it linux but to no avail. we even reconfigure
 the linux so that by chance it will detect the harddisk
 but it did not. but we boot up it detected the scsi disk.
 any other way in doing this. mount -t ufs /dev/rz?? /mnt.

thank you for the help.


jim sabolboro

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