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Re: Why not use GCC 3.0?

On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> Say, which DB engine do you use?
> I use a LX164 as my desktop machine. I ran Postgres (it is a development
> machine), but it was WAY too slow... I tried once to run MySQL, but it
> would not even run (although this was quite a while ago).

I use mysql on most of my machines.  I haven't had problems since I
patched it to support thread mutexes and the patch was included in the
main mysql package set from the maintainer.  I'm working on getting that
patch into upstream source as well.  Give it a shot now...should work with
transactions and all...

> During the last year most of the problematic applications stopped giving
> me unaligned traps - I suppose it is because there are more developers
> with 64 bits in mind (mainly thanks to Ultrasparc and IA64)... But it
> still makes me suffer.

Hehehehe...yeah, IA64 and sparc64 have helped, as have we with patches and
such.  I doubt absolutely everything will be 64-bit clean in a few years,
but I suspect most things will be once AMD's Hammer series makes writing
64-bit clean code a fashionable thing to do.


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