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Re: New boot floppies up for testing

Falk Hueffner wrote:

I've updated the boot floppies, built them and put them at

I would be interested especially in reports from MILO folks.

This release has APB disabled because of lack of testers (it's not yet
pruned from the docs, though).



I have tested the MILO portion of your new boot-floppies dated 6 Mar 02 on my Alpha XL300 (XLT / Alcor) and it does not work. The symptoms are the same as I reported in Aug 2001 and are identical to those reported by Scott R. Sewall on 25 Feb 02 in a message entitled "Install Troubles on Alpha 300XL" on the Debian-Alpha mailing list. The boot process hangs at the statement: "Swapping to PALcode at 0x80000 ..." and does not respond to any keyboard inputs. I have to use the reset button to recover.

Since this problem is persistant on the XLT Milo in Testing, and it now appears to have propagated to the Milo for Debian Stable (2.2r5) I am anxious to get it fixed. Unfortunately, the level of de-bugging needed is FAR beyond my limited capabilities. I gave it the best shot I could last Aug but failed miserably :( If there is ANY way I can be of assistance, please let me know. From what I have observed on the Debian-Alpha mailing list over the last year or so, there appears to be only a very few of us using this particular machine, so this "might" be the only test report you get.

FYI, I do have a "fall-back". The Milo compiled against the 2.0.35 kernel that came with either Slink or the earlier Potato Debian Alpha dists works fine. I can, and have used it to get to the Milo prompt where I can install the "Testing" system from the boot floppies. I haven't tested the most recent boot floppies, but my current install was done with the versions from last Aug and worked fine here.

-Don Spoon-

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