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Re: Milo fails on SX with 18Gb disk


1. I caused a bit of cross-posting I'm afraid , by sending to
suse, debian and axp-hardware. Sorry.
Looks like the debian list is most active , I'll use that.
Seems that most guru's check em all. Good   :)

2. On the subject:
The disk is a ST318406LC  (Cheetah 36ES , 10krpm, sca80) or ST318405LC (
36XL), not sure.
I think Jay may have a point , my / (ext2, on sda2) partition is about 8
I do have 1 small partition , FAT , sda1, in front of it.  So my ext2 is
not the first one on the
disk. Would that help ?

My partition table is fine. My problem does not involve dissapearing
partiton tables.

Thanks for all suggestions.

>On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 11:57:35AM +0100, jaap.hogenberg@nl.abnamro.com
>> I'm running an PC164SX , using milo to boot my kernel,
>> which was working fine when I used a 4.5 Gb scsi harddisk.
>> Now I have put in a 18 Gb scsi disk and milo fails to load the kernel
>> from that disk , or read the filesystems on it.
>> It gives errors indicating it does not recognize the (ext2) filesystem.
>> (BTW I can load a milo off a FAT filesystem on the 18 Gb disk)


> You didn't say, but the ext2 partition on the 18GB disk that you are
> failing to boot from, is it *really* large, or is it a *long* way from
> the beginning of the disk?
> If so, this may be a problem similar to the old "aboot" one, which was
> solved by defining a small )<2GB) ext2 partition fairly close to the
> start of the disk (within 2GB, IIRC), and then booting out of that.


>Chris C. wrote:
>What kind of disk is it?  Some Seagate SCSI disks (usually the 9GB and
>18GB models) had a bug in their firmware that caused this kind of
>problem.  I've got three of them and, luckily, never needed to boot from
>them (any partition starting at the very first sector of the disk
>disappeared on reboot, but if you started on the third sector, it was

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