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RE: SRM hardware support question


This will be with respect to booting from SRM. Booting from MILO is more

LX's support up to Ultra2 symbios (LSILOGIC) SCSI controllers, No Ultra160
cards are supported AFAIK (correct me if im wrong someone). The driver the
support didn't make it in into SRM 5.8 on EV6 machines. They can still be
purchased. http://www.intraserver-store.com/ss6100lm.html .They used to have
a wider selection but that has diminished since they where bought by LSI
last year. You 'may' be able to use some the ultra 2 cards sold under their
Intel line, ask them first. You can also use most any SCSI card made by
Compaq for Compaq Alpha systems. Also older Qlogic ISP 1020's and 1040's
work just fine for booting though you'll want to update the driver in the
kernel for them.

I run a older Ultra2 symbios card in my LX from digitalscape, back when they
to make SCSI cards.

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> Subject: SRM hardware support question
> Linux/Alpha inquiry:
> Where might one find a listing of the supported hardware for the various
> versions of SRM and alpha motherboards?  In particular, I am
> looking for what
> SCSI and/or IDE controllers (for pci slots 32 bit and/or 64 bit) would be
> supported by SRM on PC164 and PC164LX motherboards.  Also, are there any
> known scsi/ide devices that are shown supported by the Linux
> kernel that in
> fact don't work on the Alpha?
> Thanks, and please respond to my e-mail if possible.
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