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RFC: Support for selective usage of (fake)root during package build (R³) [BUMP] r-cran-readstata13 had five weeks in NEW queue for two uploads Re: [Pkg-javascript-devel] Bug#877212: Bug#877212: node-d3-color: B-D npm not available in testing Re: [Pkg-javascript-devel] Bug#877212: node-d3-color: B-D npm not available in testing Re: [Pkg-javascript-devel] Concerns about infrastructure for Alioth replacement Re: [Pkg-openssl-devel] Bug#754513: RFP: libressl -- SSL library, forked from OpenSSL Re: Alioth: the future of mailing lists allowed uses of non-baseline CPU extensions Re: allowed uses of non-baseline CPU extensions [and 1 more messages] apt cron autoclean not enabled by default Re: Bug#754513: RFP: libressl -- SSL library, forked from OpenSSL Re: Bug#857452: Steps towards a patch to document disabling a daemon upon installation Re: Bug#877212: [Pkg-javascript-devel] Bug#877212: node-d3-color: B-D npm not available in testing Bug#877372: ITP: bzrmk -- Generator for .bzrignore files Bug#877388: RFA: s-nail -- feature-rich BSD mail(1) Bug#877404: ITP: debdate -- Convert Gregorian dates to Debian Regnal dates Bug#877408: ITP: node-parallel-transform -- Runs transforms in parallel Bug#877410: ITP: libcatmandu-xml-perl -- modules for handling XML data within the Catmandu framework Bug#877422: ITP: node-babel-plugin-transform-async-to-bluebird -- turn async functions into bluebird promises Bug#877423: ITP: libcatmandu-mods-perl -- modules for working with MODS data within the Catmandu framework Bug#877426: ITP: libmods-record-perl -- module for handling MODS records Bug#877431: ITP: package-lint-el -- linting library for Elisp package authors Bug#877438: ITP: libset-intervaltree-perl -- Perform range-based lookups on sets of ranges Bug#877475: ITP: node-thenify -- Promisify a callback-based function Bug#877477: ITP: r-cran-rprojroot -- GNU R finding files in project subdirectories Bug#877478: ITP: r-cran-desc -- GNU R manipulation of DESCRIPTION files Bug#877479: ITP: r-cran-hms -- GNU R pretty time of day Bug#877480: ITP: kopano-webapp-plugin-files -- Kopano WebApp files plugin Bug#877492: ITP: node-thenify-all -- Promisifies all the selected functions in an object Bug#877502: ITP: libcatmandu-xsd-perl -- modules for handling XML data with XSD compilation Bug#877504: ITP: fonts-comic-neue -- font that fixes the shortcomings of Comic Sans Bug#877506: ITP: libcatmandu-template-perl -- modules for working with templates within the Catmandu framework Bug#877514: ITP: r-cran-wikipedir -- GNU R MediaWiki API Wrapper Bug#877515: ITP: r-cran-wikidatar -- GNU R API Client Library for 'Wikidata' Bug#877517: ITP: r-cran-wikitaxa -- taxonomic information from 'Wikipedia' for GNU R Bug#877624: ITP: m-buffer-el -- list-oriented, functional buffer manipulation Bug#877644: ITP: load-relative-el -- relative file load (within a multi-file Emacs package) Bug#877657: ITP: python-murano-pkg-check -- murano package validator tool Bug#877684: RFP: gnome-software-plugin-snap -- Snap support for GNOME Software Bug#877686: ITP: python-karborclient -- karbor API client Bug#877693: ITP: python-octaviaclient -- octavia client for OpenStack Load Balancing Bug#877705: ITP: python-pathspec -- utility library for gitignore style pattern matching of file paths (Python 3) Bug#877709: ITP: python-searchlightclient -- OpenStack Indexing and Search API Client Library Bug#877752: ITP: libweasel-driver-selenium2-perl - Weasel driver wrapping Selenium::Remote::Driver Bug#877755: ITP: moinmoin-mode -- emacs major mode to edit MoinMoin wiki pages Bug#877759: ITP: node-mz -- Modernize node.js to current ECMAScript specifications Bug#877775: ITP: python3-mailman-hyperkitty -- Mailman3 plugin to archive emails with HyperKitty Bug#877782: ITP: ignore-me -- Generator for ignore files for autotools based projects Bug#877796: ITP: libpherkin-extension-weasel-perl - Pherkin extension for web-testing Bug#877849: ITP: python-magic -- A python wrapper for libmagic Bug#877864: ITP: libtest-log-log4perl-perl -- module to test Log::Log4perl Bug#877878: ITP: mailman3-suite -- Django project integrating Mailman3 Postorius and HyperKitty Bug#877900: general: en-us locale defaults to 24-hour "military" time on stock install Bug#877908: ITP: libweasel-widgets-dojo-perl - Dojo Widgits for Weasel Bug#877947: ITP: gajim-pgp -- Gajim plugin for PGP encryption Bug#877976: ITP: python-pypowervm -- binding for the PowerVM REST API Bug#877977: RFP: node-web-ext -- build, run, and test web extensions Bug#877980: ITP: python-os-traits -- standardized trait strings Bug#877981: ITP: python-os-xenapi -- XenAPI library for OpenStack projects Bug#878041: ITP: libexport-attrs-perl -- Perl 6 'is export(...)' trait as a Perl 5 attribute Bug#878042: ITP: libtest-mock-time-perl -- Deterministic time & timers for event loop tests Bug#878044: ITP: node-unique-string -- Generate a unique random string Bug#878059: ITP: golang-github-emicklei-go-restful-swagger12 -- Swagger extension to the go-restful package Bug#878068: ITP: python-stardicter -- Conversion tools from various formats to StarDict Bug#878155: ITP: node-protoduck -- Create new error instances with a code and additional properties Bug#878179: ITP: mate-window-applets -- MATE Window Applets (WindowButtons, WindowTitle and WindowMenu Applets for the MATE Panel) Bug#878220: ITP: python-zunclient -- OpenStack container management service API client Bug#878248: ITP: python-ovsdbapp -- library for creating OVSDB applications Bug#878257: ITP: simtools -- Various converter tools and assemblers for simh Bug#878259: general: Image icons progressively becoming either absent or default placemat whatever settings Bug#878355: ITP: orocos-bfl -- Orocos Bayesian Filtering Library Bug#878386: ITP: golang-gopkg-inf.v0 -- Golang library for "infinite-precision" decimal arithmetic Bug#878400: ITP: golang-github-gocql-gocql -- fast and robust Cassandra client for Go Bug#878404: ITP: libokhttp-java -- HTTP+HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications Bug#878406: ITP: r-cran-purrr -- GNU R functional programming tools Bug#878407: ITP: r-cran-tidyselect -- GNU R select from a set of strings Bug#878412: ITP: r-bioc-annotationfilter -- facilities for filtering Bioconductor annotation resources Bug#878419: ITP: ruby-sass-listen -- Ruby library listening to file modifications - Sass fork Bug#878422: ITP: voronota -- Voronoi diagram-based tool to find atom contacts Bug#878438: ITP: assess-el -- test support functions for Emacs Bug#878444: ITP: flycheck-package -- flycheck checker for Elisp package authors Bug#878513: ITP: libqtdbusmock -- Library for mocking DBus interactions using Qt Bug#878577: ITP: r-cran-guerry -- maps, data and methods related to Guerry moral statistics Bug#878641: ITP: argagg -- Argument Aggregator - Simple C++11 command line argument parser Bug#878673: ITP: sdl-kitchensink -- FFmpeg and SDL2 based library for audio and video playback Bug#878675: ITP: r-cran-readr -- GNU R package to read rectangular text data Bug#878676: ITP: r-cran-forcats -- GNU R package for working with categorical variables (factors) Bug#878750: ITP: python-monasca-statsd -- monasca statsd Python client Bug#878788: ITP: danmaq -- desktop danmaku program implemented in Qt5 Bug#878791: ITP: python-lti -- Learning Tools Interoperability implementation Bug#878803: ITP: ppx-derivers -- interoperability of ppx-deriving and ppx-type-conv Bug#878821: ITP: norm -- NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) library Bug#878822: ITP: goocanvasmm-2.0 -- C++ bindings for GooCanvas Bug#878823: ITP: libgdamm5.0 -- C++ wrappers for libgda5 Bug#878873: ITP: php-emoji -- Emoji images from unicode characters and names Bug#878875: ITP: twemoji -- Open-sourced Twitter emoji images Bug#878876: ITP: php-ratchet -- PHP library for asynchronously serving WebSockets Bug#878877: ITP: php-react-http -- Event-driven, streaming plaintext HTTP and secure HTTPS server for ReactPHP Bug#878879: ITP: php-respect-validation -- validation engine for PHP Bug#878881: ITP: php-ramsey-uuid -- PHP 5.4+ library for generating and working with RFC 4122 version 1, 3, 4, and 5 UUIDs Bug#878882: ITP: php-cocur-slugify -- Converts a string to a slug Bug#878884: ITP: php-buzz-react -- Simple, async PSR-7 HTTP client Bug#878885: ITP: php-fig-cookies -- Cookies for PSR-7 HTTP Message Interface Bug#878886: ITP: php-encryption -- Simple Encryption in PHP Bug#878887: ITP: php-react-child-process -- Library for executing child processes Bug#878895: ITP: libqtdbustest -- Library for testing DBus interactions using Qt Bug#878957: ITP: r-cran-cardata -- GNU R package for datasets for Companion to Applied Regression Bug#878962: ITP: hinge -- long read genome assembler based on hinging Bug#878963: ITP: python-colormap -- ease manipulation of matplotlib colormaps and color codecs Bug#878964: ITP: python-easydev -- common utilities to ease the development of Python packages Bug#878973: ITP: python-lupa -- Python wrapper around LuaJIT Bug#878975: ITP: gnome-shell-extension-workspaces-to-dock -- GNOME Shell extension that transforms the workspaces of the overview mode into an intelligent dock Bug#878997: ITP: python-language-server -- Python Language Server for the Language Server Protocol Bug#878998: ITP: pyls-mypy -- mypy plugin for the Python Language Server Bug#879050: ITP: python-json-rpc -- Python implementation of JSON-RPC 1.0 and 2.0 Bug#879051: ITP: prose -- golang library for text processing Bug#879062: ITP: libepc -- Easy Publish and Consume library Bug#879101: ITP: node-uniqid -- Unique ID Generator Bug#879103: ITP: doctest -- Light and feature-rich C++ testing framework Bug#879125: ITP: python-requests-file -- File transport adapter for Requests Bug#879154: ITP: r-bioc-protgenerics -- S4 generic functions for Bioconductor proteomics infrastructure Bug#879180: ITP: r-cran-rgenoud -- R Version of GENetic Optimization Using Derivatives Bug#879189: ITP: gnome-shell-extension-no-annoyance -- removes GNOME 'Window is ready' notifications Bug#879202: ITP: haskell-monadlist -- Monadic versions of list functions Bug#879214: ITP: planetblupi -- Planet Blupi - A delirious spell-binding game Bug#879219: ITP: -- datasets for the package r-cran-spatstat Bug#879242: ITP: r-cran-nortest -- GNU R package with five tests for normality Bug#879383: ITP: cypm -- Curry Package Manager Bug#879449: ITP: python-marathon -- Marathon Client Library Bug#879472: ITP: libqtdbustest -- Library for testing DBus interactions using Qt Bug#879507: ITP: python-mistral-lib -- Mistral shared routings and utilities Bug#879527: ITP: python-glareclient -- client library for the OpenStack GLare Artifact REpository API Bug#879528: ITP: node-ssri -- nodejs library that handles subresource integrity metadata. Bug#879546: ITP: golang-github-gtank-cryptopasta -- copy & paste-friendly golang crypto Bug#879547: ITP: golang-github-cockroachdb-cockroach-go -- Packages for go clients. Bug#879549: ITP: golang-github-beevik-etree -- parse and generate XML easily in go Bug#879550: ITP: golang-github-russellhaering-goxmldsig -- Pure Go implementation of XML Digital Signatures Bug#879551: ITP: golang-gopkg-square-go-jose.v2 -- An implementation of JOSE standards (JWE, JWS, JWT) in Go Bug#879556: ITP: beads -- 2-DE electrophoresis gel image spot detection Bug#879559: ITP: golang-github-pquerna-cachecontrol -- HTTP Cache-Control Parser and Interpretation Bug#879560: ITP: python-kubernetes -- Kubernetes python client Bug#879562: ITP: dex -- OpenID Connect Identity (OIDC) and OAuth 2.0 Provider with Pluggable Connectors Bug#879563: ITP: python-randomize -- randomize the order of tests in a unittest.TestCase class Bug#879565: ITP: r-cran-lava -- GNU R latent variable models Bug#879567: ITP: r-cran-cvst -- GNU R fast cross-validation via sequential testing Bug#879598: ITP: r-cran-gower -- GNU R Gower's Distance Bug#879601: ITP: r-cran-sfsmisc -- GNU R utilities from 'Seminar fuer Statistik' ETH Zurich Bug#879604: ITP: r-cran-rcpproll -- GNU R efficient rolling / windowed operations Bug#879650: ITP: arctica-greeter -- LightDM Arctica Greeter Bug#879660: ITP: rabbitmq-java-client -- RabbitMQ Java client Bug#879678: ITP: undercover-el -- test coverage library for Emacs Lisp Bug#879682: ITP: loop-el -- friendly imperative loop structures for Emacs Lisp Bug#879689: ITP: libemail-address-xs-perl -- Perl library for RFC 2822 address/group parsing and formatting Bug#879691: ITP: golang-github-danwakefield-fnmatch -- Update clone of kballards golang fnmatch gist Bug#879693: ITP: node-ignore-walk -- Recursively parses and filters .ignore files in a directory Bug#879694: ITP: golang-gopkg-alecthomas-kingpin.v3-unstable -- golang command line and flag parser Bug#879701: ITP: node-mutate-fs -- Mutates the node.js file-system behavior for tests Bug#879714: ITP: libusbauth-configparser1 -- Library for USB Firewall including flex/bison parser Bug#879715: ITP: usbauth -- USB firewall against BadUSB attacks Bug#879716: ITP: usbauth-notifier -- Notifier for USB Firewall to use with desktop environments Bug#879737: ITP: python-envparse -- environment variable parsing for Python Bug#879741: RFH: phpmyadmin -- MySQL web administration tool Bug#879745: ITP: python-aws-requests-auth -- AWS Signature Version 4 Signing Process with Python Bug#879747: ITP: golang-github-alecthomas-assert -- Fork of Go stretchr/testify/assert that uses FailNow() Bug#879748: ITP: golang-github-alecthomas-repr -- Python's repr() for Go Bug#879749: ITP: golang-github-alecthomas-chroma -- A general purpose syntax highlighter in pure Go Bug#879750: ITP: golang-github-alecthomas-colour -- Quake-style colour formatting for Unix terminals Bug#879753: ITP: pystaticconfiguration -- Python library for loading static configuration Bug#879761: ITP: python-exotel -- Python library for exotel api Bug#879763: ITP: python-stomp -- Python STOMP client Bug#879775: ITP: emacs-helm-ag -- Silver Searcher integration with Emacs Helm Bug#879782: Subject: ITP: node-get-func-name -- Utility for getting a function's name for node and the browser Bug#879812: ITP: sasview -- Small Angle Scattering Analysis Bug#879817: ITP: ayatana-indicator-printers -- Ayatana Indicator showing active print jobs Bug#879824: ITP: kronosnet -- Multipoint-to-multipoint VPN implementation Bug#879828: ITP: haskell-cryptonite-conduit -- Conduit bridge for cryptonite Bug#879829: ITP: bumps -- data fitting and Bayesian uncertainty modeling for inverse problems Bug#879831: ITP: haskell-data-clist -- Simple functional ring type Bug#879833: ITP: periodictable -- a periodic table of the elements Bug#879834: ITP: haskell-here -- Here documents and interpolated strings via quasiquotation Bug#879837: ITP: haskell-uri-bytestring-aeson -- Aeson instances for URI Bytestring Bug#879838: ITP: haskell-annotated-wl-pprint -- The Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer, with annotation support Bug#879839: ITP: xhtml2pdf -- A library for converting HTML into PDFs using ReportLab Bug#879840: ITP: seqtools -- visualising sequence alignments Bug#879841: ITP: haskell-bitarray -- Mutable and immutable bit arrays Bug#879842: ITP: haskell-echo -- A cross-platform, cross-console way to handle echoing terminal input Bug#879843: ITP: haskell-getopt-generics -- Create command line interfaces with ease Bug#879844: ITP: haskell-pid1 -- Signal handling and orphan reaping for Unix PID1 init processes Bug#879846: ITP: haskell-text-metrics -- Calculate various string metrics efficiently Bug#879847: ITP: haskell-unicode-transforms -- Fast Unicode 9.0 normalization in Haskell Bug#879877: ITP: olivetti-mode -- simple Emacs minor mode for a nice writing environment Bug#879894: ITP: snapd-glib -- GLib snapd library Bug#879946: ITP: suggest-el -- discover Emacs Lisp functions based on examples Bug#879968: ITP: python-sushy -- small library to communicate with Redfish based systems Bug#879995: Subject: ITP: node-validate-npm-package-name -- Checks if a string is a valid npm package name Bug#879998: ITP: formiko -- reStructuredText and MarkDown editor and live previewer Bug#880002: ITP: node-err-code -- Create new error instances with a code and additional properties Bug#880006: ITP: brightnessctl -- Controls backlight brightness Bug#880056: ITP: node-unique-slug -- Generate a unique character string suitible for use in files and URLs Bug#880057: ITP: node-csv-spectrum -- A bunch of different CSV files to serve as an acid test for CSV parsing libraries. Bug#880059: ITP: node-csv-spectrum -- A bunch of different CSV files to serve as an acid test for CSV parsing libraries. Bug#880060: ITP: node-config-chain -- Handle Configuration Once And For All Bug#880061: node-global-dirs -- Uses the same resolution logic as npm and yarn. Bug#880065: ITP: node-capture-stream -- Capture stream output Bug#880079: ITP: node-fs-vacuum -- Remove empty branches in a directory tree Bug#880088: ITP: python-splinter -- browser abstraction for web acceptance testing Bug#880089: ITP: node-fast-diff -- Fast Javascript text diff Bug#880096: ITP: node-npm-user-validate -- User validations for npm Bug#880097: ITP: node-promzard -- A prompting json thingie Bug#880156: ITP: albert -- fast and flexible keyboard launcher Bug#880171: ITP: perse -- Permission settings GUI for udev devices Bug#880184: ITP: python-twilio -- Twilio API client and TwiML generator Bug#880199: ITP: skopeo -- Utility performing various operations on container images and image repositories Bug#880224: ITP: node-quick-lru -- Useful when you need to cache something and limit memory usage. Bug#880265: ITP: ruby-rubocop-rspec -- Code style checking for RSpec files Bug#880373: ITP: autorandr -- Automatically select a display configuration for connected devices Bug#880386: ITP: node-matcher -- Simple wildcard matching Bug#880444: ITP: dde-qt-dbus-factory -- Qt DBus interface library for Deepin software Bug#880457: ITP: node-resolve-cwd -- Resolve the path of a module like require.resolve() Re: build* targets as root Re: changes to upload queue for security archive Re: Compressed apt index files by default? Concerns about infrastructure for Alioth replacement Re: debian/control file: how to selectively suppress recommends? Re: e2fsprogs as Essential: yes? Re: Easy discovery of ‘debian/rules’ build problems (was: Unsustainable debian/rules as official build entry point?) Easy discovery of ‘debian/rules’ build problems (was: Unsustainable debian/rules as official build entry point?) Re: ftp master uploads disappearing? Gedit window is not moved into foreground when Nautilus opens a text file getconf(1) interface considered cross-harmful I'm not MIA Inspiring Muharram Saatnya Indonesia Peduli Pendidikan Yatim Dhuafa Is strip-nondeterminism causing performance regressions in your packages? Re: Let's enable AppArmor by default (why not?) Let's talk about conflicts and omissions in the udeb distribution Mandates explicit -std=c++XY for c++ projects Re: Many executables across Debian's archives share basenames MBF: please drop transitional dummy package foo (if they were part of two releases or more) MIA ? Miriam Ruiz New package, name recycling Re: New: "cme run paste-license script" New: "cme run paste-license script" (was: Re: pasting license text into debian/copyright) Re: pasting license text into debian/copyright Processed: Re: Bug#877900: general: en-us locale defaults to 24-hour "military" time on stock install Project to improve Debian support model Re: Removal of upstart integration Removing obsolete GNOME libraries The last update was on 11:29 GMT Sun Dec 01. There are 550 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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