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Re: New: "cme run paste-license script" (was: Re: pasting license text into debian/copyright)

On Sunday, 22 October 2017 08:55:44 CEST Andreas Tille wrote:
> $ cme run paste-license  --arg license=CeCILL --arg file=COPYING >
> copyright.patch Log4perl: Seems like no initialization happened. Forgot to
> call init()? 

That's a bug in cme that will be fixed soon.

> Warning: Files:"*" License short_name skipping value CeCILL
> because of the following errors: license 'CeCILL' is not declared in main
> License section. Expected

Looks like you copyright file already has
Files: *
License: CeCiLL

without the matching section in Licenses (the one you trying to add). cme 
emits a warning when reading a copyright file with this error. This value is 
ignored because of this error.

> Warning: Files:"debian/*" License short_name skipping value CeCILL because
> of the following errors: license 'CeCILL' is not declared in main License
> section. Expected


> License CeCILL is not used in Files: section

The new added license is seen as unused because the CeCILL values were ignored 
above. (*)

> Configuration item 'Files:"*" License short_name' has a wrong value:
>         Undefined mandatory value.

This is an error shown while writing the file. cme does not accept to write 
back a copyright file containing errors. The values are missing because, err, 
they were ignored above because, err, the main license was missing. 

I guess that error handling in cme can be improved ...

> I admit I do not really understand all the output to stderr. 

I hope I gave some clue above ...

> The output
> to stdout 

The fact that stdout is redirect makes the errors above harder to understand.

> (in my example redirected to copyright.patch) is

err. it never occurred to me that someone could feed cme output to patch ....

> So this does not really help since its neither a valid patch for
> d/copyright nor can I add this content there without editing.  It just
> added a '+' to the original license text which is not really helpful.
> May be I'm continuously missing the point but shouldn't it add rather
> a ' ' instead of a '+' and replace empty lines by ' .'?

cme should write debian/copyright provided no error is left.

Following Perl's TIMTOWTDI tradition, I suggest to fix this problem by either:

- use -force option with cme and add back the License entries after cme has 
saved the file
- use the GUI (cme edit dpkg-copyright) and cut'n'paste CeCILL license text in 
the License section (see [1] for details)
- tweak your file so that cme check returns no warning before running paste-
- fix everything at once with: cme modify dpkg-copyright -force 'License:CeCILL 
text=.file(COPYING) ! Files:"*" License short_name=CeCILL Files:"debian/*" 
License short_name=CeCILL'

Hope this helps


[1] https://github.com/dod38fr/config-model/wiki/Managing-Debian-packages-with-cme#maintaining-debian-copyright-file

(*) I always wondered if an erroneous value found in a file should be ignored 
or loaded. I've chosen the first option, which leads to the cascading errors 
you've found. I guess that I should implement the second option at least when 
-force option is used.

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