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Re: New: "cme run paste-license script" (was: Re: pasting license text into debian/copyright)

On Sunday, 22 October 2017 21:47:12 CEST Andreas Tille wrote:
> Could you please explain what you mean by "main section"?  For me
>   Files: *
> would qualify as "main section" but you seem to have a different
> understanding of this term.

ok. Let's use the same terminology as debian/copyright. I meant the section 
made of one or more  "Stand-alone License paragraph" [1] . This one was 
missing from the file, the CeCILL license was not defined, hence the file was 
considered as invalid by cme.

> >  May be I should just display a
> > "changed" message when summarising the changes applied to a text
> > parameter.
> I think that's a more helpful output.

ok. Will do.

> I don't say that the GUI is bad - I just prefer a command line tool for
> this job.

ok. fair enough. 

> > $ cme modify dpkg-copyright -force 'License:CeCILL text=.file(COPYING) !
> > Files:"*" License short_name=CeCILL ! Files:"debian/*" License
> > short_name=CeCILL'
> Ahhh, this helps. :-)
> I just would love a way shorter command line since I somehow will never
> remember this one. :-P

You should be able to use paste-license script in you add first the License 
text as a standalone paragraph (using paste-license), *then* add the Files:* 

> Just to let me understand better:  I understood this thread that way
> that creating the license text in a proper form is a goal of this
> specific cme option.  In how far is the problem above a corner case.

It's a corner case because you started from an copyright file that is considred 
invalid by cme because it lacks the standalone license paragraph that defines 
CeCILL license text). 

This challenges the way error tolerance is done in cme, which is not much 
tested yet.

All the best


[1] https://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/copyright-format/1.0/#stand-alone-license-paragraph
 https://github.com/dod38fr/   -o- http://search.cpan.org/~ddumont/
http://ddumont.wordpress.com/  -o-   irc: dod at irc.debian.org

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