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Re: [Pkg-javascript-devel] Bug#877212: node-d3-color: B-D npm not available in testing

Sean Whitton dijo [Sat, Sep 30, 2017 at 12:10:54PM -0700]:
> > The whole purpose of having contrib and non-free is to host packages
> > that can't be in main, either permanently or temporarily. I fail to
> > see how it is against the spirit.
> To my mind, at least, the purpose of contrib and non-free is for
> packages that can't be in main for DFSG reasons /alone/.  Social
> Contract item 5:
>     We acknowledge that some of our users require the use of works that
>     do not conform to the Debian Free Software Guidelines.  We have
>     created "contrib" and "non-free" areas in our archive for these
>     works.
> (...)
> I am still very uneasy about serving our users -- even our users of
> Debian unstable -- with packages that are built using material pulled
> from the net.  I think that people who add 'contrib' to their
> sources.list do not expect this kind of thing.

I am completely with Sean here; I read the following messages, and am
happy a better resolution was found. But, FWIW, I'll support Sean's
interpretation - Contrib and non-free are *not* places where we can
happily breach any bits of policy; they are exclusively for things
that cannot be shipped in Debian Main due to their DFSG status.

And, yes, network access during a build... Is a clear no-go. Specially
if as a project we are committed to this so neat Reproducible Builds
thingy that has made so many among us proud to be part a project where
an ages-long problem is finally being tackled - And quite
successfully, even!

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