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Re: New package, name recycling

Am 21.10.2017 um 11:45 schrieb Christoph Biedl:

> Or: Introduce package namespaces, this is a big change. The existing
> flat model one with somewhat hundred thousand (wild guess) entries over
> the past 25 years worked quite well most of the time, although not
> always (git, node). But it's obvious there is a problem in the very long
> run, and it seems wise to think about that before it becomes pressing.
> For a start, there is the Section: information, then a sound/dino and a
> net/dino could co-exist.

While that would solve the infrastructure (bts, pts,...) and package
management side, it's still very likely that you'd get file conflicts
like both shipping /usr/bin/dino

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